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Pandemic Workplace Policies Don’t Have to Be Tricky


VIEW and DOWNLOAD our policy here Every country, province, and city has different guidelines and recommendations on what and what not to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. With B.C. moving forward with opening up the economy, many broad recommendations have been made, all of which culminate in requesting that all businesses develop a safety plan […]

Happy birthday to us! Celebrating our 8th year anniversary (virtually of course)


Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

We are so happy to be celebrating Be the Change Group’s 8th anniversary with the team! It looks a little different this year because of COVID-19, so we are celebrating it together but physically apart.

Extra, extra, read all about it! Child care is making headlines!


We are so excited to unveil Kimberley’s new Child Care Action Plan! Over the past three months, we’ve been working hard to engage the city of Kimberley’s families, caregivers, soon-to-be parents, child care providers and facilities to inform a pathway forward for child care in Kimberley.

Working with the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) to support children, our greatest resource


We’re honoured to be partners on this project, and we know that it presents a tremendous opportunity for us to continue building our knowledge around Indigenous education and child care, and truth and reconciliation, and our relationships with First Nations communities across B.C.

Cafeteria waste … gross? Nah, we’ll make it cute


Let’s face it—it’s easy to get confused about what waste goes where, especially since the items you can recycle at a hospital cafeteria can be quite different from the items you can recycle at home.

Portrait gets a facelift!


We’re partnering with the UBC Therapeutics Initiative to engage key stakeholders and develop a brand and identity for the Portrait program.

Skills and Education Group: do the hub step


Introducing the Skills and Education Group membership hub. It’s like dubstep. Except it’s good.

The GreenCare EPAR 2018; It’s reporting nirvana


Thanks to our continuing work with the GreenCare Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) team, at Be the Change Group, we’re becoming a lean, green, Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR) writing team!

We go by boss, not lady boss. We know the sky’s the limit. We are women who get shit done. The Women Deliver 2019 Conference.


We are proud to be women owned, women led, and women driven. The only ceiling in our office is the one that keeps us dry on rainy days, and there is no shortage of rain in Vancouver. We are so privileged to have the opportunity to attend this year’s Women Deliver Conference hosted in our beautiful city. The message for this year, POWER, PROGRESS, CHANGE, resonates deeply with our team, in recognizing that women are highly skilled and, when given the opportunity, can be key changemakers in the world.

Greening it up to combat climate change


We are so excited to announce GreenCare’s Green+Leader Together Campaign!

Southern hospitality, fried pickles, and community-driven health policy research: Brandy’s visit to the Bayou


The Gulf States Health Policy Center (GS-HPC) invited our CEO, Brandy Svendson, to Alabama to meet with their team and begin our project with them. We couldn’t be more excited! The Bayou is known for several iconic things: delicious crawdads, the best fried pickles in the USA, southern hospitality, and the GS-HPC’s progressive, socially attuned work in creating policy through community-driven research.

A Recycling Refresh: Making Sure the Message Doesn’t Molder


By now, we’re all familiar with household recycling, and we don’t think twice about it. But have you ever thought about the challenges that face our institutions when it comes to recycling much larger volumes of much more diverse items?

We’re as keen as mustard about our latest work on food safety


British Columbia’s Interior region is rich with restaurants and other food service facilities that bring residents and visitors delicious meals day-in and day-out.

Lean, Mean, Green, Climate Change Fighting Machine: GreenCare’s 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report


In producing its sixth annual Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR), the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team (EES) that is a service line of the Lower Mainland Facilities Management was looking for a design partner that would ensure strong content is seamlessly matched with strong design. Enter Be the Change Group.

The cherry tree plaque: remembering those we lost in the AIDS epidemic


We are grateful to be a part of this historic day honouring and remembering those we lost in the AIDS epidemic.

X Marks the Spot for Innovation


On the heels of assessing the needs and interests of IH communities by consulting closely with them, producing informative videos about water supply, and building a microsite to house this information, we’ve designed an accurate, highly user-friendly interactive map to address water users concerns in real time.

Zibu is back!


After a two year hiatus, Zibu is back! And he’s here to tell us all about how far he’s come since we last saw him in Bonn, Germany.

As Sharp as George Clooney in Scrubs, and a Helluva Lot Smarter: The BC Emergency Network


A year ago, we began working with the University of British Columbia Department of Emergency Medicine to create a network of the 1400+ emergency practitioners across B.C. It was an ambitious project that would use a web-based tool to support emergency practitioners in every type of emergency department from remote to large community hospitals.

Safe Drinking Water for Everyone Launches!


Our latest project with Interior Health features a series of public service videos and a microsite, all focused on our most vital resource: water.

Using data to drive decisions for addressing sexually transmitted blood-borne infections in Canada


When the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was making a broad effort to engage stakeholders regarding sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI), they needed an organization to analyze the responses to their online questionnaire.

We were immediately on board: it’s one of our specialties.

Welcome to the World, Skills and Education Group!


Over the years, Be the Change Group has made it our mission to only work on projects that contribute to real, positive change. As a result, much of our work has focused on health and the environment. However, in the past year, we’ve added a new sector to our portfolio: education.

Let’s go Zibu!


Wait; for those who haven’t had a chance to meet Zibu, we’d better explain what we’re talking about.

Building an Emergency Department–for More than 1000 Practitioners


While there are 95 bricks and mortar emergency departments already in place across British Columbia, Canada, a comprehensive, current, and engaging resource to connect all emergency medicine practitioners isn’t.

Getting Down with Llamas and NAMAs (and Akon, too)


When the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recently contracted us to create a short video promoting Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), we weren’t anticipating llamas as well.
But so it goes.

The value of lived experiences in designing a campaign


At Be the Change Group, we believe that the more accessible and clear health resources available to the community, the better! So when the opportunity to work with the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) came up, we jumped on it.

Launching Interior Health’s “Then & Now” Campaign


Over the next few months, we’ll be working on a new Interior Health campaign to draw attention to how advances in HIV treatment and care have improved the lives of those living with the disease. We’ll also be breaking down the stereotypes that prevent people from being tested and accessing life-saving treatment.

Launch of My Health is Sexy: Interior Health Gets Sexy!


This World AIDS Day, December 1, 2014, we’re thrilled to be launching the B.C. Interior Health My Health is Sexy campaign, as part of British Columbia’s ground-breaking Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS (STOP HIV/AIDS) program that encourages routine HIV testing and earlier treatment.

A Winning Story: Be the Change Group Tells the Story of HIV, Love, and Loss


Our CEO, Brandy Svendson, proudly took home the Pacific Northwest Film Festival Judge’s Award (the Let It Cook Honorable Mention) for directing A Love Story at the 41st Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival.

Stop the Presses! Just kidding…


It’s only been two years since we opened our doors, but it’s been even better than we expected. We’ve been working with the best of clients on projects that we believe in 100%, and it’s been especially rewarding to see that our brand of business can thrive.

Be the Change Group at the AccolAIDS Awards


We’ve made it our goal to make a difference, and it’s happening! Be the Change Group is extremely pleased and honoured to have been nominated for the AccolAIDS Social/Political/Community Action Award for our work in The 30 30 Vancouver Campaign.

We’re Building Momentum for Change


At Be the Change Group, we take great pride in creating awareness about projects that lead to meaningful environmental change. Now contracted by the UN Climate Change secretariat to produce and animate a video for the Momentum for Change initiative, we’re working hard and enthusiastically to highlight innovative and transformative solutions for climate change and wider economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Our Search for Patient Zero


There were stories of Gaetan Dugas, “patient zero” being at the first ever AIDS meeting in Vancouver— and we were determined to find the footage!

Happy Birthday AIDS Vancouver!


When it comes to the once deadly disease, HIV/AIDS, we can’t help but think, “We’ve come a long way, baby!” That being said, we know that there’s still a long way to go and many lessons to be learned from those who were there, on the frontlines, in the beginning. That’s why we’re so pleased to be working with AIDS Vancouver to celebrate their 30 years by launching The 30 30 Campaign.

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