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We’ve been working with Skills and Education Group for some time now, so when this further education organization wanted to develop its website to include a membership hub to house communication, continuing professional development (CPD), and resource tools for efficient access and sharing, we were more than happy to get to work.

Given that we already created the Skills and Education Group brand and its website, we have a pretty good idea of what they might be looking for in the hub. Nevertheless, everything we do at Be the Change Group is driven by evidence, so we conducted a discovery process to ensure that the hub truly represents and serves Skills and Education Group’s members. Our signature discovery included a background, market, and literature review, and a member survey and member engagement session to explore what members feel they need in order to improve in their roles and identify tools they want to see on the platform.

The hub offers greater value to membership and supports education sector stakeholders in collaborating with one another, extending Skills and Education Group’s reach in the UK education sector and beyond.

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