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Let’s face it—it’s easy to get confused about what waste goes where, especially since the items you can recycle at a hospital cafeteria can be quite different from the items you can recycle at home.

Luckily, the fine folks at GreenCare are tackling this issue to produce meaningful environmental change, and Be the Change Group is thrilled to be on board in helping to develop an educational campaign to tackle commonly misplaced waste in the cafeteria setting. 

To figure out how to reduce contamination in the waste stream, we’ve looked to best practices for cafeteria recycling around the world and visited five hospital cafeterias across the Lower Mainland to inform the campaign messaging, and determine which campaign materials (i.e. posters, display boxes, and updated bin stickers) will be most effective.

With a bit of creativity, we’re turning misplaced waste into cute characters, and developing catchy messaging to make the disposal of these items easier. 

It’s user testing time!

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