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With a more than twenty-year history of supporting Indigenous early learning and child care (IELCC), the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) is taking a leading role in implementing the First Nations component of the IELCC Framework, an initiative to fund Indigenous education across Canada, jointly developed by Canada’s Indigenous peoples and the Government of Canada as part of the process of truth and reconciliation.

We’re here to offer support to BCACCS by developing a communications plan and assets to use in carrying out regional engagement and policy development to implement the IELCC Framework on First Nations terms and under the guidance of First Nations communities, ELCC practitioners, and First Nations leadership in B.C. 

In a project of this scale and importance, it’s essential that all communications be clear, accessible, and appropriate to diverse First Nations audiences in B.C. On everything from key messaging to PowerPoint presentations to brochures to posters, we’ll be working closely with BCACCS leadership in a collaborative effort to produce culturally safe and respectful resources that focus on ensuring that B.C.’s First Nations children, families, elders, and early childhood educators are aware of and can access the range of resources made available by BCACCS through the IELCC Framework.

We’re honoured to be partners on this project, and we know that it presents a tremendous opportunity for us to continue building our knowledge around Indigenous education and child care, and truth and reconciliation, and our relationships with First Nations communities across B.C.

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