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We’re balancing purpose and profit for a more sustainable, healthier future. For everyone. 

After a rigorous 27-month process, Be the Change Group now stands with the fewer than 100 B Corp certified companies in British Columbia, each of which is evaluated for its social and environmental impact and continually held accountable through the B Corp recertification process. Globally, we’ve joined companies like Patagonia in considering the repercussions of everything we do, and ensuring that our business is conducted in a way that prioritizes the people and places that need the most support. 

As part of a vision for a better world—for everyone—Certified B Corporations “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose,” in order to produce real, meaningful change in the ways that business, society, and the economy work. 

This vision and these standards aren’t new to us: we are Be the Change Group, after all. Since we started out in 2012, we’ve always taken this approach: putting our core value into our name and our work, and our money where our mouth is by only working with clients that enable positive change. 

Still, everyone at Be the Change Group takes pride in becoming certified, and to have our business measure up to a recognized global standard is incredibly validating and exciting.

It’s also exciting to see the many other companies that are striving to reduce and eliminate inequality, meaningfully address poverty, build healthier environments and stronger communities, and create more high-quality, fulfilling jobs that keep the positive change flywheel spinning. 

Want to dig into the details? Learn more.

The B Corp impact report is the first benefit report for which the B Corp standard was selected and applied.

See the results of our B Corp Assessment.

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