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A year ago, we began working with the University of British Columbia Department of Emergency Medicine to create a network of the 1400+ emergency practitioners across B.C. It was an ambitious project that would use a web-based tool to support emergency practitioners in every type of emergency department from remote to large community hospitals.

Guess what? 

The BC Emergency Medicine Network has launched!

With 625 members and growing, 27,563 web page views, and 1,000 users per month, the BC EMN is online, providing evidence-informed, point-of-care clinical summaries, patient information sheets, ECGs, and point-of-care videos. All of these resources are translating into immediate success for both emergency medicine practitioners and the B.C. health care system. Unnecessary and costly scans are being reduced, unnecessary transport of patients to hospitals outside of their communities are being eliminated, and patient participation is increasing.

And that’s only a year in. 

At Be the Change Group, we wish the BC EMN continued success, and are proud that the writing, design, and user interface that we worked so hard on is making real change to the practice and outcomes of emergency medicine in the province.

Check out the BC EMN and test drive it yourself at  

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