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By now, we’re all familiar with household recycling, and we don’t think twice about it. But have you ever thought about the challenges that face our institutions when it comes to recycling much larger volumes of much more diverse items?

Thankfully, people are on it, including Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). As it continues to hone its Recycling Renewal Program (RRP), VCH is working hard to ensure that the program operates fully and completely in each of 57 hospital and residential sites in the Lower Mainland.

This hard work is producing meaningful environmental change, and Be the Change Group is thrilled to be on board in helping VCH to develop effective and appropriate communications around the RRP, so that every aspect in the handling of waste in VCH facilities meets and exceeds the goals of improving recycling in its facilities and working towards a zero waste system.

By assessing the RRP brand, developing best practices and messaging, and creating simple but compelling communications materials, including public signage, we’ll be supporting VCH in building sustainable, environmental practices that are incorporated at all levels, in all applicable environments, and by all participants in the health care sector.  

We can’t wait to see the results, as medical waste and other contamination in recycling in health care facilities is reduced, recycling is made easier, and satisfaction and ownership of recycling grows at all VCH facilities.

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