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While there are 95 bricks and mortar emergency departments already in place across British Columbia, Canada, a comprehensive, current, and engaging resource to connect all emergency medicine practitioners isn’t.

The University of British Columbia Department of Emergency Medicine is embarking on an ambitious project to build a province-wide network that uses a web-based tool to support emergency practitioners in every type of emergency department from remote to large community hospitals. 

Enter Be the Change Group and the BC Emergency Medicine Network.

In order to ensure that the Network addresses the diverse interests of all practitioners, Be the Change Group is engaged in a comprehensive discovery process in which we’re speaking to hundreds of B.C. emergency practitioners via site visits across the province, focus groups, survey questions, and key informant interviews. To ensure that diverse voices are heard, we’re talking to stakeholders in urban, rural, and remote settings in order to capture their knowledge about the challenges, strengths, and opportunities in ER medicine across the province. Once we’re finished, we’ll analyze the data gathered and present our findings in a discovery report, which will inform the development of the BC Emergency Network.

Once this stage is completed, we’ll be well positioned to develop the content and platform to engage and support members in each of the following four programs: Clinical Resources, Innovations, Continuing Professional Development, and Real-Time Support.

An extensive, complex, and highly sophisticated project, the BC Emergency Medicine Network is an exciting opportunity to use our consultation, content development, and design skill sets to support emergency medicine in B.C. 

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