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We are so excited to unveil Kimberley’s new Child Care Action Plan! Over the past three months, we’ve been working hard to engage the city of Kimberley’s families, caregivers, soon-to-be parents, child care providers and facilities to inform a pathway forward for child care in Kimberley.

Backed by our discovery, in which we conducted a policy scan, incentivized surveys, a community forum, two round tables with families, and a round table with child care providers, the action plan will identify factors impacting access to child care in Kimberley, challenges to child care provision in the community, and clear actions that can be taken by the City and key actors within child care and the community to support meaningful change to child care in the community. 

Given that research emphatically shows the critical role of early childhood development in the health and well-being of children and communities, and our engagement with Kimberley residents reveals how much they value their children’s growth and development, taking action to address Kimberley’s child care needs will be of unquestionable benefit to all.

As they say in the newspaper business, that’s front page material.  

Check out the media coverage here and here!

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