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As new drugs come onto the market and as we become familiar with existing drugs and their side effects, every year new prescribing recommendations come up, which can be difficult for physicians to track.

That’s why the UBC Therapeutics Initiative, in partnership with the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Health, is supporting prescribers by providing evidence-based information on quality prescribing in primary care via Portrait. A tool created to help family physicians in British Columbia review and assess their own prescribing practices, Portrait provides a short, evidence-based educational message on various drug classes plus a graphical representation comparing the physician’s prescribing to that of their peers. 

We’re partnering with the UBC Therapeutics Initiative to engage key stakeholders and develop a brand and identity for the Portrait program. From the outset, it has been clear that the Portrait identity needs to convey a sense of collegiality and mentorship, in which prescribers will feel supported, informed, excited, and empowered. Our team worked hard to make sure that we embody this vision through a simple yet clear and bold logo. 

Check it out!

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