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We’re celebrating another year of growth and impact

Last year we celebrated a decade of Be the Change Group with 11 full-time employees in our new office space. Now, as we enter into our second decade for our 11th anniversary, we have 14 full-time staffers, a newly expanded office, and several exciting new projects on deck. 

None of this would be possible without the support of our awesome clients, partners, consultants, and of course, our in-house staffers. We say that a lot, but we can never say it enough. 

The work that we do changes lives, because the people we work with are innovators, problem solvers, and leaders. Normally, we like to let our clients take all the spotlight, but because it’s our birthday, we thought you might want to learn a little more about us. 

Let’s get to it.

11 fun facts about us on our 11th anniversary

Be the Change Group team photo. Missing some amazing humans: our co-founder, Natalie, our designer, Celia, and our copy lead, Matt.
  1. You probably know our co-founders are women — the formidable Brandy Svendson and Dr. Natalie Chan. But did you know that 12 out of 14 of our full-time employees are women? 
  2. During one of our recent client campaigns, the client saw their Facebook page reach increase by 157.8K%. That’s not a typo. We mean 157.8 thousand per cent.
  3. Our work is international in scope. We’ve helped facilitate change in 12 countries, including South Sudan, South Africa, Mali, Honduras, the U.S., and the UK.
  4. And speaking of international cred: 10 out of 17 of our core team members are either first-generation Canadians or immigrants. When we say we value diversity, we really mean it.
  5. Our team includes four office dogs on rotation — Bo, Percy, Frankie, and Max — and we’re always looking to add more dogs to the mix. 
  6. As a certified B Corp, our social and environmental performance within key impact areas is measured. It takes a score of 80 to qualify as a B Corp, and our score is 102.9. 
  7. Last year we had to delete Be the Change Group’s Instagram account because we had entered the year we were founded as our “birth year”, and according to Instagram’s recent policies, 10 year olds aren’t allowed to have IG accounts. 
  8. We have an ever growing plant collection. Our current count is 47 plants.
  9. In 2022, we kept busy and worked on a total of 50 projects. 
  10. We can speak a total of 11 languages other than English in our office, which officially makes us hyperpolyglots.
  11. While working at Be the Change Group, six of our human team members graduated and two of our office pups passed training school with flying colours to become certified good dogs.

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