Our success is

measured in terms

of social impact.

We translate knowledge into content that empowers.



Bringing diverse perspectives to all aspects of problem solving ensures that we find effective, efficient, and accessible solutions that enhance user experience and well-being.


We operate with compassion, valuing the lived experience of every individual, acting without bias towards gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or culture.


We build solutions that create opportunities to succeed for our team, and our clients and the communities they serve.


For us, making positive change begins with a healthy work environment and meaningful environmental business practices.


A bit of our history

Our co-founders identified two major challenges facing public and population health organizations. First, while research teams conduct high-value research, they often find it difficult to effectively and creatively translate and communicate their knowledge to broader audiences. Secondly, while extremely capable in communications, creative teams tasked with conveying this information often lack knowledge and deep understanding of specific public and population health issues and their target audiences. In 2012, Be the Change Group was founded to address these challenges, by bringing together our three interdisciplinary teams work under one roof to solve complex issues and create the change that our clients seek.


Research + Community Engagement

All our work is evidence based. To ensure this, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ problems and communities to develop the right mixed-methods research design to answer the question at hand. We work hard to ensure participant voices are heard and solutions are applicable.


Design + Development

Our design and development team seeks to first define project challenges, test assumptions, and strategize in order to communicate clearly with the user and solve their problems. Our approach aspires to engage our audience and bring them value by way of clarity, functionality, and aesthetics.


Strategy + Communications

Our strategy and communications team develops solutions by identifying areas of opportunity and anticipating roadblocks, while preserving client relationships and values. Together our team provides content and structural guidance from the ground up, working closely with our research and design teams and our clients to craft strategic communications that audiences can understand and act on.


Our consultants are the best and brightest in their respective fields with experience in over 20 low and middle-income countries. Our team includes PhDs, physicians, nurses, public and population health professionals, communication experts, and designers from globally-recognized institutions.

CEO, Creative Director, Co-founder

President, Research Director, Co-founder

Design Director

Project Manager and Researcher

Content Strategist and Senior Copywriter

Senior Communications Strategist


Public Health, Preventative Medicine

Researcher and Project Coordinator

Photographer and Illustrator

If you are an incredible human who obsesses over making real change, get in touch with us. We’re always on the lookout for truly talented individuals to add to our team.

Full Stack Developer

Research Assistant

Administrative Coordinator

Gender and Global Health Specialist



Biostatistics Specialist

Research Assistant

Researcher and Digital Strategies Specialist

Public Health Specialist

Senior Web Developer

Drug Policy Specialist

Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist

Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist

Now that you’ve met the team, have a look at some of the work we’ve done!