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Yejin takes pride in translating data, information, and values into visual media in order to support people and organizations that have amazing stories to tell. With five years experience as a design researcher, in-house communications designer, and freelancer, she is proficient in communications, advertising, and marketing design.

Yejin’s professional mission is to craft top-notch visual language that empowers others to communicate their stories and work, shaping better futures for people and the planet. However, as a junior designer in South Korea, she grappled with ethical concerns around her work being confined to promoting products and services in the private sector. Aiming to align her career with more meaningful pursuits, she moved to Canada in 2021.

Here, she cut her teeth working with the Circular Food Innovation Lab to foster community engagement as part of a project to co-design and prototype food waste solutions for the City of Vancouver’s Zero Waste 2040 Strategic Plan. Further, she oversaw visualization quality for the prototype of an augmented-reality-supported medical training app for women’s sexual health.

Outside of work, she enjoys curated movies and arts from Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Film Festival, and Cinematheque; mending clothes using embroidery; and trying to grow food on her tiny balcony.

Yejin holds a BSc in Business Administration, and a Master of Design (Interdisciplinary) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.