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A non-profit professional turned web developer with a passion for social justice, Joel takes pride in creating high-quality, user-friendly websites that meet the needs of diverse clients and translate their requirements into functional and visually appealing web solutions.

Joel is a dedicated learner who enjoys staying up to date with new technologies and frameworks and thrives on collaborating to creatively overcome challenging real and technical challenges. Driven by a desire to bring greater equity and justice to the world, Joel has a background in community development, which has given him the opportunity to see the impact of development programs in communities that lack basic resources. He loves partnering with organizations dedicated to supporting communities in reaching their full potential.

Outside of work, Joel enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family, building community, exploring new restaurants, and participating in a variety of physical activities such as golf, hockey, tennis, and hiking.

Joel studied International Development at the University of Calgary, and graduated with a Diploma in Web Development from Lighthouse Labs.

Coding languages

HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, NodeJS, PostgreSQL/MongoDB, Tailwind, WordPress/PHP, and Ruby on Rails