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A design-oriented developer, Roberto strives to create and build safer, faster, more inclusive, and more accessible web content to engage and benefit diverse users. He embraces the tech industry and constantly seeks out new products, services, and innovations, and keeps a close eye on how the development world is evolving to adapt to trends around the world. He brings an enthusiasm for teamwork and problem solving to every project, helping others and seeking help in order to patiently and fully address any challenge. Roberto is also an open source enthusiast, and has translated this into projects to improve dev workflow.

Roberto grounds his work in determination, honesty, integrity, and being present in everything he does. This extends to personal challenges, as he constantly experiments with new extreme and exciting activities, including rollerblading, skating, snowboarding, and mountain climbing.

Roberto graduated from the RED Academy Full Stack Developer program, and holds a BA in Financial Management from ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education).


Indigenous Corporate Training
Strategic Advisor AMIB Figure 3 (Similar to U.S. Series 7 & 66)

Coding languages

HTML5, CSS and postprocessors, JS, React/React Native, Redux, NodeJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL/MongoDB, Express, GatsbyJS, WordPress/PHP, and Prisma



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