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Celia has always been curious about everything around her. From a young age, this curiosity took the form of an interest in the natural world, so a path in life sciences and resource conservation seemed to be a fitting career choice—until it wasn’t enough anymore. The need to fulfill her creative side and a natural flair in storytelling eventually landed her in communication design, where she has flourished ever since.

Celia enjoys breaking down complex problems to find creative solutions, with an eye for detailed pixel-perfect executions. Her favourite design teacher once said, “art creates dissent; design creates consensus,” and Celia holds this as a personal motto to remind herself that communication and consensus building is a natural part of the design process, and applies it to her work in user-centred design, brand and visual identity development, and art direction.

With over eight years of experience elevating brands and products, Celia was drawn to Be the Change Group by the opportunity to support positive human-centred projects that can benefit the greater good. She bases her work on empathy, honesty, and maintaining a sense of fun. She’s also known for knitting and crocheting up a storm in her spare time, all with impeccable design direction, of course.

Celia holds a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation from UBC, and a diploma of Digital Design from Vancouver Film School.