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As part of our research team, Sadie supports background and literature reviews, research and evaluation methodology development, qualitative data collection and analysis, and project coordination. Throughout this work, she applies her academic foundation in Health Sciences to confidently analyze varied and complex population and public health issues.

Passionate about human rights, health equity, and inclusion and diversity initiatives, Sadie believes research has the power to address oppressive programs, organizational structures, and institutions. Her academic and professional experience in sexual and gender equity work guides Sadie in developing safe, appropriate, and culturally relevant data collection tools with an intersectional approach as they connect to race, sexuality, class, nation, and ability.

Sadie continuously advocates for the importance of involving community in the research process. When working with the Relationship and Gender Equity Measurement Among Gender-Inclusive Young Women and Non-Binary Youth in BC (RE-IMAGYN BC) Study, she gained first-hand experience employing community-based research principles to plan a youth-led, community-based, qualitative research study by, with, and for queer and trans young women and non-binary youth. Accordingly, Sadie understands the importance of giving community members a voice, as local knowledge and expertise can help refine research questions, design, and methodology, enhancing the validity and reliability and research findings.

Sadie is also a champion of the 2022 Canadian and World Evaluation Student Case Competitions. Her ability to evaluate various programs in effective and creative ways while collaborating effectively under pressure helps our team achieve successful project outcomes.

Sadie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Health Studies and Gender Studies with a Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity from Queen’s University, and a Master of Public Health from Simon Fraser University.


Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS-2) (2022) – Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics, Government of Canada