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Nuel brings to Be the Change Group a deep desire to create purposeful design that does more than just entertain or sell. He is dedicated to using his expertise to make a positive impact, communicate stories that have yet to be told, start conversations, solve baffling problems, and inspire creativity and meaningful change—all while adding more beauty to the world.

A multimedia artist and designer with over six years of diversified industry experience, Nuel has worked in games, tech, and marketing, providing creative services for startups and established enterprises.

Born and raised in the Philippines where he started his design career, Nuel hit the ground running in Vancouver, delivering art and designs for brands such as the NBA, Telus, and the American Marketing Association of British Columbia. His enterprise-grade work in the tech sector has been used by organizations such as NASA, the Government of Canada, and more.

Nuel holds a BSc in Multimedia Arts and Sciences from Mapúa University, and a post-degree diploma in Graphic Design at Vancouver Community College.


Best Undergraduate Thesis Nominee, School of Media Studies, Mapua University, 2017, for A Comparative Analysis on Blend Shapes and Joint-Based Facial Rigging Using the Principles of Animation

NewAd Media Scholarship, Vancouver Community College, 2021


Tagalog (Filipino)

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