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Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV)

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is a membership of 197 countries (called “Parties”) with the collective aim of preventing dangerous human interference with the climate and stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations.


In order to encourage action on country level climate action, the UNFCCC laid the foundation for the current system of reporting country level information, called Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV). Each country provides information about greenhouse gas emissions, actions planned or undertaken, constraints and gaps, and any support needed and received. Each phase of MRV ensures transparency and support for national initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).


These concepts and ideas can be complicated and hard to incorporate at a national level, especially for developing countries that are working to grow while still being sustainable and responsible.


The UNFCCC hired Be the Change Group to provide knowledge translation. We worked to transfer these complex ideas into a variety of settings and resources (e.g. international conferences and public-facing materials). We focused on using straightforward and accessible language for the script and animation, and created animations and infographics to explain how countries can participate in the MRV process. The primary goal of the animation is to ensure that the executive members of government organizations are able to easily understand the MRV process.


The animations and infographics were shown at the forty-fourth session at the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI 44) in May 2016.



      See the animation
      Hi, I'm Zibu!


      Knowledge translation

      The UNFCCC provided us with several technical reports and background documents on the topic. Our team of climate experts, researchers, and communications specialists then reviewed and compiled this information, breaking down complex concepts into accessible, bite-sized pieces of information to be used in developing the script.




      Script writing and storyboard

      Understanding that the process of MRVs begins at a country level, we felt that the foundation of the animation should focus on a central character, Zibu, a fun and fictional country, going through the MRV process. Given the technical nature of the narrative, it was also important to convey this story through engaging imagery.


      Digital design

      Once the look and feel, including colours, fonts, styles, and the script and storyboard were determined, our team of illustrators began working together to illustrate each of the scenes in the animation. The resulting illustrations tell the story of Zibu’s navigation of the MRV process.

      our solution

      Animation (Part 1)
      Watch video


      Zibu’s back!

      Two years after the release of the original video, and after much success, the UNFCCC wanted to bring Zibu back for another animation. Our team created a second video describing the benefits and successes of the MRV processes to date, including promoting trust and confidence among parties, and helping implement and track the success of climate actions, increasing awareness of climate change.

      our solution

      Animation (Part 2)

      Our solution

      Zibu can’t get enough of knowledge translation!

      In order to achieve greater transparency under the Paris Agreement, the UNFCCC has introduced the enhanced transparency framework (ETF), which is built on and improves existing measurement, reporting, and verification arrangements (MRV). In advance of regional virtual trainings on the ETF, the UNFCCC’s Consultative Group of Experts required an e-learning resource comprising a four-part video presentation to present an overview of the existing MRV arrangements and raise awareness of the ETF, especially amongst national experts, policymakers, and other key stakeholders involved in the climate change intergovernmental process. Having previously delivered two videos focused on MRV, our team created and designed this resource, converting PowerPoint slides into engaging videos with plain-language scripting, custom graphics, and, once again, our fictional country Zibu to help with knowledge translation. The resource is also presented in four languages (Spanish, French, Russian, and Arabic), and ready for use on the UNFCCC website and social media accounts.