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Skills and Education Group Impact Report 2020/21

Skills and Education Group, a UK-based further skills and education organization, provides a wide array of education services to its membership of education providers. The Group creates opportunities in the wider education and skills sector that support workforce development and champion social mobility.


By providing academic qualifications, funding opportunities, professional development programs, and initiatives in support of teaching, learning and assessment, and governance, the Group helps all learners to achieve their full potential, no matter their age, background, or ability.


After creating the first ever Skills and Education Group impact report for the 2019-2020 academic year, Be the Change Group was happy to jump onboard again to strategize, write, and design the 2020-2021 impact report. Given that the Skills and Education Group brand consists of five different entities, the report needed to be both robust and carefully structured to present the achievements of the respective brands in a clear, compelling way.




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      The change

      The impact report we developed serves multiple purposes for the Group’s audiences, including:

      • Documenting Skills and Education Group’s activities, achievements, and growth, for both internal and external audiences
      • Celebrating staff, recognizing members, and promoting both the Group and the further education and skills sector
      • Providing a key resource to complement the Skills and Education Group annual conference, with elements from the report spun off for use as additional conference presentation materials 

      Our process


      Having worked closely with Skills and Education Group since 2016, our team intimately understands the Group’s sector, communications team, goals, and brand. Nevertheless, we carried out a discovery process that included interviewing key members of their team, and compiling and analyzing annual reports from the further skills and education sector and other UK-based organizations.

      We also compiled and assessed all data appropriate to the report, seeking out further interviews, data sets, and resources to fill any apparent knowledge gaps.

      Our solution

      Both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 reports successfully tell the story of not just Skills and Education Group and its sub-brands, but also its member organizations, a broad range of education providers and employers across the UK, and the many diverse learners that the Group serves.
      See the report

      “I can attest to their commitment to helping our organisation and impact to grow exponentially. Our turnover has increased from £2.9 million to £8.5 million annually, allowing us to expand our services and positively impact more lives in and out of the UK. Undoubtedly, their hard work has been instrumental to our ongoing success.”

      – Scott Forbes, Director of Member Services and Communications at Skills and Education Group