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Women Deliver 2019 conference animation

Jhpiego is an international, non-profit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. For 40 years and in over 155 countries, Jhpiego has worked to prevent the needless deaths of women and their families.


Jhpiego works with health experts, governments, and community leaders to provide high-quality health care for their people. Jhpiego develops strategies to help countries care for themselves by training competent health care workers, strengthening health systems, and improving the delivery of care.


Jhpiego’s Gender Team wanted to highlight the work they are doing to address gender-based violence, empower women, foster couples’ equitable decision-making and male engagement, ensure gender-sensitive service delivery through a short animation, and develop designed case studies to showcase various gender projects. The animation and designed case study documents were distributed at Women Deliver 2019—the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women in the 21st century.



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      our process

      The World We See animation

      Given the challenge of explaining the complex and technical nature of the work being done by Jhpeigo, we felt that the animation should focus on a central character to lead the narrative.

      our process

      Knowledge translation

      The client provided us with several case studies on various Jhpiego projects, including projects in Rwanda, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. The case studies showcased project progress in country-level efforts to address gender-based violence, empower women and girls, foster couples’ equitable decision making and male engagement, and ensure gender-sensitive service delivery.

      our process

      Once the script and look and feel were finalized and approved, our communications, creative, and research teams worked together to create a storyboard to visualize each scene, including framing, transitions, and script alignment.

      our solution

      The World We See animation
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      our work

      The case studies

      The Jhpiego team wanted to highlight projects in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique as part of a series of case studies that showcase how gender can be integrated into Jhpiego’s programs. Working with the Jhpiego brand guide, including client-provided images and content, we created the layout design and produced data visualizations for three distinct case studies. To get these documents ready for the conference, we coordinated with printers, ensuring that documents printed were of high quality and completed on time and on budget.

      Be the Change Group created a beautiful animated video, stunning publications, and conducted superb data visualization work for us. I was delighted with the quality of the work, their responsiveness, professionalism, and deep subject matter expertise. I couldn't believe they were able to find a voice-over artist who exactly matched our request for a woman with an authentic sub-Saharan African accent. It was impressive how they were able to translate our complex ideas and technical jargon into winning concepts that were easy to grasp.

      — Joya Banerjee, Senior Technical Advisor, Jhpiego; June, 2019