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Child care is an invisible part of the economy.

City of Kimberley Child Care Action Plan

The demand for licensed child care spaces in British Columbia exceeds the existing supply, resulting in significant shortages across the province. To address this need, the Province is supporting local governments in the planning and building of licensed child care spaces that will best meet the needs of local families in their communities.

As part of this effort, the City of Kimberley partnered with Be the Change Group to assess Kimberley’s child care needs and develop a child care action plan that would ensure that families have access to the child care services that they need.

Our assessment included a background review, policy scan, and community engagement. We engaged a total of 319 participants, including, but not limited to, community members, City officials, First Nations partners, parents, child care providers, child care facilities, and other key stakeholders, through key informant interviews, surveys, a community forum, and round tables with families and child care providers respectively.

The child care action plan represents the collective voices of Kimberley, ensuring that the community informed the plan to address Kimberley’s child care needs and planning activities.

With the needs assessed and a plan in place, the City of Kimberley can apply to the Community Child Care Space Creation Program which provides additional funding to local governments to create new licensed child care spaces within their own facilities for children aged 0-5, with a focus on spaces for infants and toddlers.


  • Population health


  • Community engagement
  • Knowledge translation
  • Project management
  • Report writing and design
  • Research



Community members engaged


Child care action plan for the city of Kimberley


Our research process

Our research process took place over three months, and engaged a broad range of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on families, caregivers, and soon-to-be parents, and on child care providers and facilities in Kimberley.


Background review
and policy scan

We undertook a policy scan to better understand the complex legislative and regulatory context of child care and child care providers in Kimberley and B.C. more broadly. The policy scan included a thorough review of the programs and policies of various provincial ministries contained on their respective websites, and within policy documents, guidebooks, and reports.


Key informant interviews

In total, we conducted 19 semi-structured key informant interviews with diverse stakeholders, including city staff, councillors, child care providers, Chamber of Commerce representatives, child care organizations, First Nations stakeholders, and school district stakeholders. Interviews explored child care needs, key issues affecting child care, and actions to improve child care in Kimberley. Interviews were recorded, transcribed, and thematically analyzed by our research team and included in the final report.


Engaging parents and community members

Parent round tables (29 participants), the community forum (9 participants), and the online parent survey (228 participants) gathered information on families’ current and future child care needs, use of child care programming, the key issues affecting child care, and actions that could be taken to improve child care in Kimberley. This information was analyzed by a five-person research team using qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, and was used to inform the recommendations for child care planning in Kimberley.


Engaging child care providers

We engaged Kimberley child care providers and child care facility owners and operators through an online survey (30 participants) and one round table (four participants). Our research team gathered and analyzed their feedback on the context of child care, the context of early childhood educators (ECEs), provider challenges to child care provision, and actions that can be taken to improve child care in Kimberley. Their voices helped shape the recommendations in the final child care action plan.

The result

Discovery Report and Action plan

The child care action plan identified factors impacting access to child care in Kimberley, challenges to child care provision in the community, and clear actions that can be taken by the City and key actors within child care and the community to support meaningful change regarding child care in Kimberley.

The Result

Public dissemination and media

In addition to providing the child care action plan in designed, accessible, and easy-to-navigate print and digital formats, including a final report and summary infographic, we presented our findings in-person to Kimberley City Council at a public council meeting. Our project team also met and spoke with the media regarding the plan and recommendations.

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