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Bringing Canada's high-risk drinking and alcohol use disorder guideline to the web

High-risk drinking and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are common in Canada. Nearly 18% of people aged 15 years or older will meet the clinical criteria for AUD in their lifetime. To address this health issue, the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM) and BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) developed the Canadian Guideline for the Clinical Management of High-Risk Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder (2023).


BCCSU reached out to us with a clear goal in mind: to transform this comprehensive guideline into an engaging and interactive resource, to be used by both clinicians and people who may be dealing with AUD, as well as their loved ones.


We co-developed a website, accessible in both English and French, in partnership with a peer group comprised of individuals with lived and living experience of AUD. The website offers information, resources, and assessment tools for the public and for health care providers based on the Canadian Guideline for the Clinical Management of High-Risk Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder.



      Visit the website

      Our impact


      visitors to the site in the first month post-launch


      hand-illustrated animated videos to bring AUD testimonials to life


      digital tool developed to support physicians and their patients


      media stories about the guidelines

      Designing the user experience

      Following an in-depth discovery process with our clients, we created user personas, a sitemap, and wireframe of the website. Prototypes of the site were user-tested to ensure that the site architecture and designs were intuitive, appealing, and easy to navigate for the intended audience. Our focus groups consisted of people with lived and living experience of AUD and clinicians.

      Our solution

      Crafting compelling narratives through animated videos

      In addition to sharing practical information and tools for the diagnosis and treatment of AUD, the website also raises awareness of the AUD resources available to residents of Canada. We interviewed five individuals, each with a unique experience of AUD, and produced, illustrated, and animated five videos that tell their stories of living with or treating AUD. With every person we interviewed, we were careful to build a foundation of mutual trust and respect before they told us their story. We took the time to get to know them and understand their background, to ensure that we developed accurate and culturally appropriate imagery to depict their experience.


      Through these authentic and candid accounts, those who are looking for support to redefine their relationship with alcohol can get guidance and inspiration from people who have walked a similar path.

      our animations

      In this playlist, you’ll find the series of animations we made to tell the real stories of people’s experiences with AUD.