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Lean, Mean, Green, Climate Change Fighting Machine: GreenCare’s 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report

In producing its sixth annual Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR), the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team (EES) that is a service line of the Lower Mainland Facilities Management was looking for a design partner that would ensure strong content is seamlessly matched with strong design. Enter Be the Change Group.

Our team is really excited to be working on forward thinking design that allows readers quick and easy access to a wide range of Lower Mainland health organizations’ individual Carbon Neutral Action Reports (CNARs), policy information, research data, stories of success, and future goals that comprise the GreenCare Report.

As The EES seeks to “reduce the environmental impacts and increase the resilience of [its] health care facilities”, our team of creatives and knowledge translators is working on thoughtful, informative, and intuitive ways to present the information necessary to continuing the EES’ great work.

From our researchers to our content strategists to our copywriters and editors to our illustrators and designers, we’re determined to build a comprehensive report that contributes to the ongoing goal of promoting the change necessary to sustaining a clean and healthy environment. 

The GreenCare 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report is available here:


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Happy birthday to us! Celebrating our 8th year anniversary (virtually of course)

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

We are so happy to be celebrating Be the Change Group’s 8th anniversary with the team! It looks a little different this year because of COVID-19, so we are celebrating it together but physically apart.

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