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Supporting all things communications, Mariel works to ensure continuity, accuracy, and timeliness of internal and external content for both Be the Change Group and our clients. In her role, Mariel brings a range of skills to the table, including brand auditing, copywriting and copyediting, website management, social media management, strategy building, and content development.

Mariel is experienced in the academic and public health sectors, having worked on strategies to improve stakeholders’ digital communications and social media marketing, with the goal of helping people to be better informed to make decisions for their health. She brings to our team knowledge translation skills, creativity, digital savvy, and a determination to make a positive impact.

While she has a background in science, Mariel pivoted to a career in communication with the desire to bridge the knowledge gaps that exist between the science/health community and the general public. Applying systemic and long-term thinking to ensure continuity of work, and taking holistic approaches that address challenges and their impact, Mariel provides strategic support to organizations that serve local communities and improve social determinants of health.

Mariel holds a BSc in Food, Nutrition, and Health from the University of British Columbia.




Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate (2023)
Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate (2023)
TCPS 2: CORE (Tri- Comment start Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans) (2020)