I'm passionate about using technology to tell stories.

Riel is part of Be the Change’s production team. He brings his expertise in sound recording, cinematography, and editing to our projects and has been an integral part of our Out on Screen and HIV Legal Network video shoots.

A filmmaker with a background in fine arts, Riel has created documentaries in Europe and North America, with a focus on environmental and social justice issues. Riel is a Leo Award winning sound designer who began his career as a sound recordist before immersing himself in cinematography. He has a passion for finding and developing stories, especially in communities that have been historically marginalized. He works on video advertising campaigns for boutique brands in Vancouver and non-profit organizations across the country. Riel holds a bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University, where he specialized in film production.

Riel Likes

Being in nature
Drinking good coffee
My dog


Sound recording & design
Narrative development
Dirty Apron Cooking School partnership
Council of Canadians video series


Leo Award

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