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As a product strategist, digital health strategist, and independent consultant, Ellison offers organizations of various sizes health technology solutions and market insights and strategy in e-health and telehealth. He is experienced in public health research, project coordination, business planning and development, and digital health.

In terms of his research abilities, Ellison provides thorough and accurate data analysis, particularly for the fields of non-clinical research in HIV and other STBBIs, harm reduction, and urban health issues such as housing, employment, addiction, and mental health. In his work in project coordination and facilitation, Ellison manages tasks and teams effectively and with the skill to bring together a broad range of individuals--including managers, front-line staff, leaders across a health authority’s departments, community organizations, and external stakeholders--to address a common problem.

Motivated to improve health for all, Ellison is especially passionate about healthy-built environments, Aboriginal health, health education, HIV programming, harm reduction, health equity, and working with underserved populations.

Ellison holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology from the University of Alberta, and a Masters Public Health (MPH) degree in Epidemiology, Global Health.

Ellison Likes

Mountain trails and tents in the rain
Cheap sushi


Urban planning and healthy built environment
Harm reduction
Drug policy
Sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections
Digital health

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