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A forward-thinking personal development and business mentor, with a dedication for facilitating cultural and social diversity within businesses, Andrea supports our team on environmental projects, providing succinct and accurate information and analysis to guide the development of accessible communications tools.

Andrea’s background in international business, environmental studies, and sustainability sciences allows her to see and understand how ecosystems are created, which she applies to evaluation of project resources and knowledge translation. A part of the experience and team that co-created Groundswell, a grassroots economic alternative, where she mentors students in personal development, Andrea also contributes to the planning of the Social Entrepreneurship International Forum. While working on her Master’s degree, Andrea spearheaded the Organization for Latin American Affairs within the Social Sciences Student Union, where she worked hard with other Latin American students to break down cultural cliches. Their initiative succeeded in creating the capacity to connect people within a fluctuating Latin American community, and became the biggest and oldest organization within the social sciences at Lund University.

Andrea received her MSc from the Lund University International Master’s Programme. She also holds a BA in International Business Administration from the Universidad Panamericana in Aguascalientes, Mexico.