Launching Interior Health's "Then & Now" Campaign
June 1, 2015

Over the next few months, we’ll be working on a new Interior Health campaign to draw attention to how advances in HIV treatment and care have improved the lives of those living with the disease. We'll also be breaking down the stereotypes that prevent people from being tested and accessing life-saving treatment.

This campaign follows our work on the "My Health is Sexy" public awareness campaign, which launched on World AIDS Day last year.

But there's still lots of work yet to be done. "Then & Now" will put a face to the people whose lives have been affected by HIV, by telling their stories and lived experiences, and continue to combat the stigma associated with HIV.

This campaign will promote early testing so that people can connect with treatment sooner and have the best possible health outcomes while reducing transmission to those who are not affected. Together, Interior Health and Be the Change are working to make this happen.

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